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HeroFit Podcast

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Jul 23, 2019

As we've discussed in some of the other episodes, sometimes fitness isn't all about the physical. There's a good portion of mental to figuring out what can motivate you at the gym.

Meet Sarah Bertollini, founder and President of TYPEd Group, and a certified practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, DISC, and other models of social psychology coaching. She recently came on to discuss personality differences and how discovering your "wiring" can help you discover what motivates you at the gym.

It could be variety, could be structured programs, it could be knowing what you're doing or finding out on the fly... or shades of grey in between.

Take a listen and you might learn something about yourself to help you along your fitness journey, and set or achieve the goals you are after.

For more information about Sarah and her services visit her company website, TYPEd Group LLC.