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HeroFit Podcast

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Aug 20, 2019

Vestibular... That's one term among many others that we learned from the amazing Dr. Kelsey Fink of Muscle Up Wellness & Recovery, as we interviewed her a second time, following an assessment she did on Dan right before recording.

She also gave us a taste of Integrated Kinetic Neurology, and showed us what happens when you utilize cupping therapy and Graston techniques for recovery.

We were glad to have Dr. Fink back on to give Dan some pain relief, and to give you listeners some food for thought about your potential strengthening and recovery efforts.

Following his evaluation and treatment Dan's neck has been pain (and cracking) free for 3 days and counting!

Give this podcast a listen and if you want to optimize your function, contact Dr. Fink today! Be sure to also follow her on Facebook & Instagram.

Dr. Fink primarily practices out of Crossfit Ambition and Perform Athletix, each in Rochester NY. She also can do virtual sessions if you live in New York or West Virginia.